Sunday, December 22, 2013

Monday December 22, 2013

Guilt Free Sewing:

Clothing and all things tied to fashion and function have been readily available to me during my entire lifetime. So where did this desire to do things myself, to make my own bras, sew my own curtains, even knit my own socks, come from? Ah, I have pondered on that question for years.

Sewing is an art, a way to save money, a way to do things the way you want. Right? Why then do I feel guilty sitting at my machine knowing I could get on the internet and purchase what I need and have it here tomorrow? Why indeed?

So it must be about the art. It must be about understanding sewing as a skill and about the knowledge one gets from sewing for thier own bodies and homes.  But there is more.

I have found that as much as I have dieted and worked out, in and out of the gym, I can't fit into a size 4, 6, 8, 10 0r a 12. Mabye a 14, you say. Well then I could always take out the extra ease and use my measurments to scale the pattern to fit right? Oh if only that would work. If only. But truly if it works for you I would say you don't need to be reading this blog.

They say if you can't find what you seek from the world then you must create it. I truly believe this motto. My quest to design and sew for myself is me following this motto. I will never be a size 6 without alterations. Why then do I have to use patterns that require alterations? Truth is I don't. And I will need to get past the frustration over my guilt at passing on cute clothing that just doesn't fit or will shrink with the first wash and then not fit. I must forge on and stake my claim that I am worth it.

This past year I sewed two bras, and six pair of panties for myself and I taught and helped three students learn to sew their own bras. I designed and sewed three new swimsuits, and helped a student design and sew her own swimsuit. She also learned how to restyle and fit her own bra pattern. It is my greatest pleasure to see a beautifully finished product that one can actually wear and enjoy wearing.

This was not all though, I also designed and sewed two bikinis for my daughter, a beautiful summer dress, and a yoga top with a shelf bra.

Why do you question your worth? Why do you feel guilty? I would love to hear what motivates you and what stops you.

I have never regretted creating and sewing anything I have put my mind to doing. Never. So I resolve to sew and design more. I welcome you to join me in the new year. You will find me at my sewing machine. Happy Holidays. 2013.

See you all next year.  For information regarding my next bra making class please check my bra making website

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bra Making Classes:

I always wanted to learn to make my own bras and over the years I have looked for patterns and bra making products.  Until the Web these types of products were only found in my dreams.  So I sewed whatever I could find fabrics and accessories for.  I made coats, long coats short coats, blouses, skirts, dresses. I even studied tailoring and taught myself to make fitted tailored jackets. 
I found some great fabric and patterns for swimwear but I had a lot of trouble fitting established patterns.  I even made a wedding gown for my sister.  I had actually gotten bored sewing for myself and turned to drapery, pillows and small quilts.  I even sewed up a few fully dressed bunnies and dolls.  Then one day something amazing happened to me.  The internet.  I found a bra making site.  Wow!  I was ecstatic. 
The opportunity to learn to sew bras put a new fire in my long forgotten hobby.  But sewing a bra from a Kwik-Sew pattern was no easy task.  I started out with some fabric I had, a cotton knit.  I ordered the underwires and made my own channeling.  The bra sort of fit but it wasn't very pretty to look at.   I returned to the internet and ordered a bra making book that showed how to make a pattern for a bra and then do every type of fitting required to adjust and sew a great fitting bra. 
I was still at a loss to come up with a bra I could wear and love.  Using Pattern,  a blog for swimwear designers, I finally figured out how to create my own pattern.  Using another great book "Pattern Making for Underwear Design" by Kristin Shin I finally established the pattern and process for my bra making patterns.  But I will be honest I used whatever I had and read as much as I could, followed and read all the bra making blogs out there.  Bra pattern making is an art.  I have made some of the best fitting bras and some of the worst.  I have no idea why some turn out so well and some don't. 
But rest assured my goal is to produce a pattern that allows my students to be able to make the best fitting bras they possibly can.  I designed the class to offer women with the same dream of bra making I had for all those years a much easier path than I have taken.  I knew that all that skill and knowledge had to be put to good use.  
Sewing my own bras means so much more than just being able to sew something, it means I have great fitting pretty bras and I can easily go back to my pattern and make as many as I feel like.  And now I make panties to match. 
I am pleased to announce this week that my bra making class will be taught at The Cotton Shop fabric store in Murray, Utah.  This first class will be held on Monday September 23, 2013.   If you have wanted to learn this skill and have the desire, this is a great opportunity. 
Come join me and  Take a Stitch-Sew Your Dreams 
Check out my web site for class details and information.
 Next post will be all about Elastics.     Jnetti. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Bra Elastics:

If you have been making your own bras or thought about it then you are aware that there are a limited number of retail merchants that sell the type of elastic found in retail readymade bras.
Using normal cotton or polyester elastic is not advised for bras. Let me explain and shed some light on why I think they don't or won't work.
  • Regular elastic is flat and and offers no buffer between the elastic and your skin when sewn in a bra where the elastic is exposed.
  • The stretch would not allow expansion and movement in the bra with comfort and control of elastic made for bras.
  • Plain elastic made for waistbands, cuffs, and other areas where you need elastic stretch on a garment made, does not offer the same soft backing that gives this specialized elastic the attributes to feel soft and hug the skin.
  • Plain elastic can be purchased just about anywhere and is inexpensive and sometimes hard to tell the quality or durability of the stretch.
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Underwire Channeling or Casing Unraveled:

This week's topic is about the differences in bra underwire channeling that are available now to the home seamstress or small business bra makers. After buying from all the perspective bra supply internet stores I share that knowlege with you here.  To read the rest of this blog please click here 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bra Making - Underwire Channeling Demystified

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Underwire Bra Channeling Demystified

If you are reading this then you are interested in bra making or already know how. I am always trying to give back what I learn. Since I haven't had any actual formal classes on bra making, all of what I learn is through trial and error.

I am so greatful to all those who came before me and pushed on to help those of us who want to sew their own bras. They are real heros to this art form.

I want to share what I have learned about using channeling. A soft plushy backed tube developed and designed to house the bra underwire or give a bra stablity without underwire in the cup.

I made my own channeling to use in my first bra that I did, I didn't have any of the purchased kind yet. It wasn't long before I enjoyed the ease of purchased channeling. But it took a few bras for me to understand how it worked and that leads me to share that information here.
How complicated can it be you ask? Well for me it was and many of students benefit from what I have learned.  

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bra making is my passion.  I have a new website up to view what is happening and give information if you are truly interested in making a bra for yourself or others and want a custom fitted bra pattern then my site is where you can begin. 

I have designed my own pattern making system that invovles using a combination of and established pattern close to that size I want to design and draping.  I have made more than 20 patterns for women who have been able to take the course and make their own bras. 

I have investing time and money in finding the best quality for fabrics and notions available.  As women demand these products suppliers will step up and meet this demand.  It is enevitable. 

Please take a look and judge for yourself.  Email me, I would love to hear from you.

My web site is 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bra Making update 2013

If you are looking at this site then you are interested in some way about Bra Making. 

I am teaching at a local fabric store and in my home.  If you are interested please email me. 

You may follow my posts on my web site blog.  I am inspired by all things creative.  Check it out.